Our customers say it all!


We purchased our home in Cabo with the help of Linda Miller at Cabo Linda.

From the very start she was the most helpful and knowledgeable person we talked with in Cabo. She was ready to find for us exactly what we were looking for and did not waste our time with things that would not suit us.

She made the entire process of getting all the proper papers and legal matters in Mexico as easy and painless as possible. In all our dealings she was completely honest and forthcoming about any problems or delays we would have. This made our transactions so much more comfortable and banished many of our fears in dealing with the Mexican government and the red tape.

After the deal was done, we have relied on her many times for advice and help on many things that have come up and she is always ready and willing to help in any way she can.

We think she is the best in real estate agent in Cabo.

Jeff and Kathy Payson

 Houston, Texas Homebuilder



Our experience in Cabo for the past 5 years has been exciting, fun and rewarding and it was all made possible through Linda Miller with Cabo Linda Realty. Linda has been not only a professional realtor but has become a very dear friend to both of us. She has introduced us to so many of her friends that they all seem like family to us now. To this day we would only trust her to sell our properties and take her recommendation on new opportunities. She is indeed a” jewel in the dessert”. We look forward to a long relationship with her.

  Mike & Charlotte Jaynes

  Real Estate Investor, Seguin, Tx.